Reading Program

Offering Reading to Preschoolers

Reading is one of the most important skills your child will learn in the early years at school. We use the Jolly Phonic programme to teach children letters and the sounds they make. When a child understands phonics and is able de-code words as well as build on sight words, we offer a reading scheme which is a well-established and a popular reading scheme in England.

The books make learning to read fun! Our beginner readers have books that concentrate on enriching language and developing literacy skills that children need to achieve reading readiness and go on to become competent readers. The children readily identify with the characters in the stories as the stories focus on situations the children relate to; losing a favourite toy for example or starting their first day at preschool. Key words are repeated throughout the story books so that children gradually increase the number of words they recognize and read.

For more advanced readers who are becoming more fluent, we offer books that consolidate the early language skills and develop reading stamina and an increased range of strategies for reading.

When children at Nightingale head off to Kindergarten we still offer the reading scheme to Alumni children so that they are able to continue with the characters in the story. Our reading scheme extends up to Stage 9.